In my twelfth year, my brave Mother undammed what has turned out to be a life long creative river by allowing me not only to design, but physically create my bedroom decor in our new home. It being 1968, I chose a black and white color scheme. I did every step of the project myself and loved every minute of it!

Thanks to my Aunt Dolores (possessor of the greatest laugh in all the world), I was also making my own school clothes at the time, the Sears chubby sets being my only other option. High incentive for serious learning, indeed!

Over the years, I've worked in all sorts of fields with fabric as the medium....boats, cars, draperies, awnings, costumes, clothing, leather jackets, etc. Rarely saying 'No' to a project asked of me supplied countless unique experiences. I eventually focused on residential furniture upholstery, and was fortunate enough to have the fantastic artist, Joy Adams, as a client. Together, we designed a chair which proved to be the catapult for a whole new way of thinking about upholstery for me.

Little Blue HeronOur Future........

Now that you've found this site, please keep checking in as we will be posting new work on a regular basis. Currently, available pieces are in my studio in Ithaca, at 210 West State St. Ithaca N.Y. If you have a project in mind, something sentimental that needs a breath of life perhaps, or if you see something here you'd like to purchase, please feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail (please write 'Web site request' in subject line, thank you) and we can work out your particular details at that time.

Hope to be speaking with you soon, Annelittlestone script


about artist

"A piece of furniture reads more like a blank canvas now. The bird series, for example, took flight (sorry) when I noticed a red-bellied woodpecker having the same markings as a piece of fabric on my cutting table. Immediately, I 'painted' a chair in my mind as the bird. "

Present Day Goings On......

These days find me still fashioning pieces from my own inspiration, but many of my customers, upon seeing what options they have, often choose something much more artistic to be done with their furniture than originally planned. After learning a few things about the client.... interests, lifestyle, favorite painting or author, for example.... the goal is to incorporate that information somehow within the piece, thereby creating a connection that might not have been thought to be possible before.

Inspiration, of course, is everywhere, constantly spawning new ideas. Adamant about keeping waste to a minimum, I keep scraps of all sorts, sometimes emptying a bag of something on the cutting table and working through it until an idea or pattern takes shape. Crank up some dramatic music and let the fun begin!


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